Izzy and Vera are simply amazing. I found an ad for Ghost Runner Coaching on the ABC50 website, afte

Nici D.

"Izzy and Vera are simply amazing! I found an ad for Ghost Runner Coaching on the ABC50 website, after signing up for the 50 Miler. Their advice and guidance are top notch. I had two successful races, the Northface 50K and ABC50, while under their wing, and I could not be happier with both results. My biggest issue in running longer distances had been getting dizzy and nauseous and I am happy to say I never experienced any of that in both of those races. So happy to have found you girls. You both rock!"


Chris L.

"In April, 2019 I decided to run a 50 mile Ultra in January, 2020. At the time I was severely obese and had no idea how I was going to do it, I just knew I wanted to do it. The Race Director for San Diego 50 connected me with Izzy and Vera who gave me the tools to run my first ultra, 50K Lake Hodges within 6 months. I mean honestly, who does that? Izzy & Vera don't only give you the training and nutrition plan, but they created an environment where people like me who feel so out of place can feel like they are part of the family."


Heather G.

"I knew I wanted to step into the Ultra world of racing but needed a solid foundation. I went to Ghost Runners after having a tough marathon race and long recovery.
 I chose Black Mountain 50k and with Warden Vera’s and Izzy’s customized training and nutrition plan, I had the best race experience and a strong recovery! I actually made the decision while I cheered on this dynamic duo at their Sycamore Canyon Relay Race and watched their kick ass determination and drive! With their constant support, I learned to step way outside of my comfort zone and push through so many mental barriers which allowed me to consider doing things I could’ve never even imagined, such as a 50 Mile Race!"


Lindsay K.

 "I originally looked into a running training program because I wanted to not only run a 50 mile race, but excel at it. I wanted to finish strong and potentially run a 100 mile race. I began training for the ABC50 roughly three months prior to the race. I had my doubts just before: would I make all the cut offs? Am I crazy for even wanting to attempt this? The answer to both questions is yes! I made all the cut offs with plenty of time to spare; and yes, I am crazy for wanting to run 50 miles! But we’re all crazy! And Ghost Runners coaching allows you to connect with others that are just as crazy and push you to become better than you could have ever imagine! With proper training a diet regiment I am physically and mentally prepared for my races, but also I recover in recover time!"